Building Inspection

If you have any questions regarding regulations or the need to obtain the necessary permits, please contact the building inspector’s office at 262-538-0820.  Inspection Department office hours are Monday through Wednesday from 3:00p.m. – 6:00p.m.  Permits are needed for: storage sheds, garages, building additions such as family rooms, sun rooms, bedrooms, basement remodeling, structural alterations, decks, swimming pools, signs, water softeners, iron curtains, fireplaces, wood stoves, new furnace or replacement, and new air-conditioning systems or replacement, lawn sprinkler systems.  The Village enforces building and zoning code regulations in order to maintain a safe and desirable community.

Submittal Documents/ Information


Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator
Bob Premo – 262-538-1558

Electrical Inspector
Dave Arnold – 262-567-9311

Plumbing Inspector
Bob Premo – 262-538-1558

Inspection Clerk
Karen Nettesheim