Words from Village President Ron Reinowski regarding the new village hall



During the pandemic, we have been faced with many challenges.  When it comes to running a local government, several things weigh heavy on the mind – how to provide a safe environment for employees and citizens seeking services, what to do when our EMS crew returns from a COVID related call to our shared space and how to manage desk time in a space already too small for our staff.  While the move to the Community Center building allowed us to reopen in-person government, giving the Fire Department the ability to remodel our old offices into a dormitory, it did not happen without it’s own set of obstacles.  A crumbling exterior, inadequate HVAC system, flooding on the lower level and a leaky roof are just some of the items in dire need of repair or replacement at what is now the Village Hall on Main Street.


Looking at our needs now and in the future, the options of repairing the building and adding office space, building a separate office building and doing the needed repairs to the Community Center, or building a new Village Hall/Community Center were vetted, resulting in the latter to be the least expensive and lowest in annual operating costs.  The accompanying video put together by Haag-Muller, the architectural firm that designed the Pollworth Park Pavilion and Fire Department vestibule remodel, will explain how the design has evolved, as well as the budgeting and planning process that we have been involved in to date.  The result is a state of the art single story building, incorporating Village Hall offices and lobbies and a divisible community room, which is planned for the site of the existing Main Street Building.  We’ve even accommodated for the bell to be relocated into the new structure, allowing us to let it be heard throughout the Village on special occasions.  Through a more calculated approach to road maintenance and repair, we will be able to pay for the building without increasing taxes to do so, eliminating the need for a referendum to add a special charge on tax bills.


I hope you find the video informative and I look forward to any feedback as we move through the process.






Ron Reinowski

President – The Village of Merton